8 Things Women Worry About in Bed

Unanswered concerns pertaining to sex often takes a toll on sexual performance of women. They fail to confess these apprehensions, considering them to be silly or sometimes a taboo. But still, are often found seeking solutions in the ‘agony aunt’ column of some random women’s magazine. Here is a sneak peek into eight most bothersome concerns of women. These issues make them lose their sleep or behave awkwardly with their partners in bed.
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Physical appearance

Feeling conscious about one’s body is one of the biggest problems that most of the women have. Disfigured body, small cup size, or oversize parts always make women feel insecure and uncomfortable. The very thought of getting uncovered gives them cold feet.

Bad climax

The feeling of not being able to perform in bed is another surmounting concern of women. It is not always possible to reach ultimate climax all the time. Factors like being too conscious about their bodies or other physical issues may be hampering their performance. So ladies, it is best to talk to your partner about them instead of feeling guilty about such things.

No protection

Some men do not like using protection during sex. This is one thing, which worries many women. As the risk of catching sexually transmitted diseases and infections are very high in that scenario. Second thing, which worries women in such cases, is an unplanned pregnancy.

Fear of getting pregnant

Pre-marital sex or teen pregnancies are on the rise. The risk of getting pregnant, when in an affair can always be irksome for women. Getting pregnant is one worry that mostly young or unmarried girls go to bed with.

Sex hurts!

Many women tremble about the pain, which they may experience during intercourse. However, it is important to recognise that it is only due to lack of lubricating fluids. Using good quality lubricating creams will not just eliminate the pain, but also your worries as well.

Not in the mood for it!

There are times when women feel they are not ready for sex, or simply not in the mood. But to confront this truth to their partner makes them feel guilty. Being busy, stressed, ill, or tired are many reasons that stop you from wanting sex, and withdrawing from it. Talking about such problems with your partner is the best way out.

Keeping lights on!

Men are visual creatures. And, when they refuse to switch off lights, it is a cause of concern for many women. Excess body consciousness or the ability to imagine the process in broad light is still a shy matter for women. Hence, the insecurity often keeps them worried in bed.

Sex not great!

Many women imagine sex to be out and out romantic, straight from a Mills and Boons novel. But, when it actually happens, they are left disappointed. This is one feeling that stays and worries them everytime they get into the action.

Women worry about a lot of things in bed, but it is important to find solutions in order to enjoy sex. So, try talking to your partner or to a medical practitioner to avail help.