This newly-renovated HDB flat in Singapore looks like a palace

Gabriel Choo
The design of the front door (left) and living room. (Photos: Eunice Christelle Ong/Facebook)

With the soaring housing prices in land-scarce Singapore, one can only dream of living in a mansion. However, as one social media personality proves, we can always make do with what we have, and make even the insides of a HDB flat look like a palace.

Eunice Christelle Ong, 24, recently renovated her five-room BTO flat, and it sure does look like she ‘made’ her own castle.

On Saturday (19 August), Ong posted photos and a video on her Facebook account which showed various parts of her newly-renovated flat. The post has since attracted a lot of attention online, receiving over 2,900 shares, 1,700 likes and 700 comments.

In her caption, Ong shared about the concept of her flat design and thanked those who had a part to play in helping with the renovation.

The dining room design. (Photo: Eunice Christelle Ong/Facebook)

House concept

The overall concept of the house is shiny and black, looking more like a lavish palace instead of your typical flat. Ong opted for grey walls and black ceilings instead of using white.

Her front door is black with gold linings, which matches the design in the living room as well. Coupled with golden frames and sleek black furniture, the living and dining area looks like it came right out of a royal’s home.

For the bedrooms, Ong chose a big circular bed, with royal pink cushions surrounding it. There is also a huge walk-in wardrobe and white dresser next to the bed.

Ong shared in her Facebook post that she hacked two of the bedrooms into one, leaving them with a total of two instead of three bedrooms. She also managed to also make a smaller room within the extra space in the living room.

The flat is also decorated with a couple of Supreme-related designs, such as one in her bedroom, a red pillow-like frame hanging from on the wall.

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