Newcomer Ai Mi gets attention in Wu Jinyan's new drama

11 Jun - Yu Zheng has recently teamed up with actress Wu Jinyan in another project since "Story of Yanxi Palace", but it was not Wu who is attracting viewers' attention this time.

As reported on Oriental Daily, despite the actress playing the role of "the most beautiful woman in Beijing" in the new drama called "The Double", many netizens thought that she was not convincing enough to play such a character, as they believed that the actress who plays her maid, Tong'er is more good looking than her.

Wu Jinyan's co-star is said to be
Wu Jinyan's co-star is said to be "prettier" than her

Tong'er is played by actress Ai Mi, who was highly praised by viewers for her sweet appearance and charming temperament. Many has also dubbed her the next Crystal Liu.

The actress, who is just 16, is said to be a newcomer under Yu Zheng's company and has played various supporting roles in the past. Among dramas she has been a part of include "My Journey to You" and "Scent of Time".

"The Double" is based on the novel "Marrying a Daughter", and tells the story of Xue Fangfei, the daughter of the magistrate of Huaixiang County, who suffers a great change in her fate after her father was sentenced to death after being falsely accused of corruption. She is entrusted by her savior, Jiang Li, the daughter of the prime minister, to replace Jiang Li and return to the capital.

With the help of Xiao Heng, the Duke of Su, and others, she gradually finds out the truth of the incident, redresses the injustice done to her father, and upholds justice, protects the country and the people.

Ai Mi plays Qian Zhi in 'Scent of Time'
Ai Mi plays Qian Zhi in 'Scent of Time'

(Photo Source: SINA, SOHU)