New TV shows coming to Singapore in July

Marcus Goh
Orange Is The New Black (Netflix)

Every month, we’ll tell you about new TV shows to hit terrestrial and cable channels, as well as streaming sites in Singapore. We’ll also highlight the television shows that you’ve got to be home (or on your phone) to catch every month.

Overview of new TV shows in July

July is a great time to catch up on all the shows you’re behind on — because in the next few months, the new season premieres of returning television series will be coming fast and furious. In the mean time, there’s the new season of Orange is the New Black on Netflix this month and some quirky Lifetime movies. On the Asian drama front, The Good Doctor gives us another anti-social genius to love.

The Good Doctor (Viu)

The Good Doctor (13 Jul)

Minato Shindo has savant syndrome. His memory is amazing, but he has difficulty communicating with other people. When Minato Shindo was little, he dreamed of becoming a doctor. He met Doctor Akira Shiga and he wanted to become a paediatric surgeon. Akira Shiga was surprised by the 7-year-old’s memory of the human organs and he decided to support Minato Shindo in achieving his dream.

There’s just something about seeing a human being who “has difficulty communicating with other people” learn to overcome this flaw, especially if it’s an especially intelligent person. This is a Japanese remake of the 2013 Korean drama of the same name.

I Killed My BFF: The Preacher’s Daughter (Lifetime)

I Killed My BFF: The Preacher’s Daughter (25 Jul, Wednesday 9.05pm)

Lily is the perfect preacher’s daughter until she becomes convinced that Rae is the devil and needs to be punished for an accident. When Rae’s daughter shows up, Lily does everything she can to pull her away from her mother and into the church.

The title alone already promises so much drama, frustration, angst, and repressed emotions. Plus, there’ll be some form of religious pressure and conformity that gets spectacularly overturned in the film, so that’ll definitely be an exciting conflict to look forward to.

Orange is the New Black (Season 6) (27 Jul)

A privileged New Yorker ends up in a women’s prison when a past crime catches up with her. In the wake of the riot of Season 5, the women are taken to maximum security prison and face serious charges.

An unsuccessful riot last season saw the characters in even more trouble than before, so the question is — how much worse could their fate get, given that they’re already in prison? Orange is the New Black has run for many more seasons than first expected, and it’ll be fun to see what the creators have come up with for this season to remain fresh.

Tekan Minyak (Suria)



Tekan Minyak (4 Jul, Wednesdays 9.30pm)

Sharp Objects (HBO)



Sharp Objects (9 Jul, Mondays 9am/10pm)


We Have Your Husband (4 July, Wednesday 9.05pm)

Deadly Lessons (11 Jul, Wednesday 9.05pm)

Psycho Brother-In-Law (18 Jul, Wednesday 9.05pm)

I Killed My BFF: The Preacher’s Daughter (25 Jul, Wednesday 9.05pm)

Extinction (Netflix)



Scared Games (movie) (6 Jul)

Anne with an E (Season 2) (6 Jul)

Free Rein (Season 2) (6 Jul)

The Skin of the Wolf (movie) (7 Jul)

Mr. Sunshine (7 Jul)

How It Ends (movie) (13 Jul)

The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants (13 Jul)

Luna Petunia: Return to Amazia (20 Jul)

Cupcake & Dino: General Services (27 Jul)

Orange is the New Black (Season 6) (27 Jul)


Your House Helper (5 Jul)

The Good Doctor (13 Jul)

Let Me Introduce Her (15 Jul)

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