Netizens calls Jony J a hypocrite for involvement in idol show

26 Dec – Chinese rapper Jony J recently received backlash after it was revealed that he will be involved in the new season of the Chinese reality show, "Youth With You 2" (previously known as "Idol Producer").

As reported on ET Today, netizens who found out about his involvement as the rap mentor in the show expressed their anger over the news and called him a hypocrite – seeing that he previously expressed his disdain for idol performers and mainstream performers.

It is noted that Jony has never been shy in expressing his thoughts about idols, rejecting to accept SEVENTEEN's Xu Minghao as his partner on the show "The Rap of China" and causing headlines for his attempt to make a big deal about it.

He is also known to have made statements about not wanting to work with idols, saying that he would only prefer to work with real musicians, and told his fans not to act like the fans of Korean pop idols at his shows.

Netizens had since mocked Jony for the sudden 180 degree turn towards participating in a show that is mainly about finding the next pop idols, saying that the rapper is a sell-out like all the others after all.

Jony will be joining Korean idol Lisa of BLACKPINK, who will be this season's dance mentor.

(Photo Source: ET Today)