Netizen gets slammed by Singaporeans after posting recipe for “Singaporean Rice” made with mayo and ketchup

Remember the viral New York Times recipe for “Singaporean Chicken Curry” from earlier this year that drew flak from Singaporeans for looking like longkang water? It appears that the saga of controversial “Singaporean” food continues, in the form of a new “Singaporean Rice” recipe.

singaporean rice

On 31 August 2022, a reddit user, u/best-mango-YT, shared an image of a large bowl of food on the subreddit r/RICE, and titled the post “Homemade Singaporean Rice!”.

In the comments section, u/best-mango-YT shared that they had used the recipe provided by Food Fusion. According to the recipe, “Singaporean Rice” is made with a layer of rice at the bottom, followed by a second layer of stir fried vegetables with noodles and a third layer of chicken gravy. The dish is then topped with mayo sauce, fried garlic and green chillies. Ingredients included in the “Singaporean Rice” are mayonnaise, ketchup and hot sauce.

singaporean rice - reddit comments

The post was reposted on r/Singapore, where it instantly caught the attention of Singaporean redditors, with many criticising the recipe for not being an authentic Singaporean dish. One user commented: “Excuse me what in the world is Singaporean rice? Regards, a Singapore resident.” while another commented: “Congratulations, you have triggered r/singapore”.

Other users expressed their disdain for the dish, calling it an “abomination” and “disgusting”. In response to the criticism, u/best-mango-YT explained that they were not a Singapore resident, and merely wanted to share their experience cooking at home.

singaporean rice - reddit comments

Despite the backlash, there were some supportive Singaporeans in the comments too.

One user commented: “Dear Singaporeans! It’s just a name of a dish OP cooked. No need to get upset! Our national pride isn’t made of tissue paper.”

Another sent words of encouragement, saying :”Don’t let the downvotes get you down, brother! We just enjoy poking fun at anything related to our culture (especially our food) since it gets little attention. Continue cooking new dishes, maybe you can try laksa next time”.

What do you think of Fusion Food’s “Singaporean Rice” recipe? Would you try it?

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