Which national parks are separated by the M6? The Weekend quiz

Thomas Eaton
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The questions

1 Slithy and mimsy are the first examples of what words?
2 Rinka the great dane was whose ill-fated pet?
3 Which national parks are separated by the M6?
4 Which king is said to be a 41st-generation direct descendant of Muhammad?
5 The tympanic membrane is another name for what?
6 Which French explorer travelled on the Calypso?
7 “Battling” Barbara Buttrick was a pioneer in which sport?
8 What type of limestone landscape is named after part of Slovenia?
What links:
Chile’s Villa Las Estrellas and Argentina’s Esperanza Base?
10 Survivor; Californication; Come Dancing; Heartbeat; Life On Mars?
11 John (1209); Henry VIII (1538); Elizabeth I (1570)?
12 Scylla; Leviathan; Kraken; Jörmungandr?
13 India; Indonesia; Maldives; Mauritius; Nepal; Pakistan; Seychelles; Sri Lanka?
14 Sergeant; Nurse; Teacher; Constable?
15 Heidelberg; Flores; Luzon; Denisova?

Journey’s end... the Calypso
Journey’s end... the Calypso. Photograph: Pascal Couillaud/AFP

The answers

1 Portmanteau words (in Lewis Carroll’s Through The Looking-Glass).
2 Norman Scott.
3 Lake District and the Yorkshire Dales.
4 Abdullah II of Jordan.
5 Eardrum (myringa).
6 Jacques Cousteau.
7 (Women’s) boxing.
8 Karst.
9 Civilian settlements in Antarctica.
10 TV series that share their titles with songs: Destiny’s Child; Red Hot Chili Peppers; the Kinks; Buddy Holly; David Bowie.
11 Excommunicated monarchs.
12 Mythical sea monsters: Greek; Jewish; Norse.
13 Countries with rupee (or variant spelling) as the currency.
14 First four Carry On films.
15 Discovery locations that gave their name to early hominins.