Natalie Tong hopes to have a career breakthrough

25 Feb – Now that she is a TV Queen, Natalie Tong only hopes for more breakthrough in her acting career.

In an interview with Mingpao recently, the actress shared that she hopes that she would be able to shed her "Cherry" image from the hit drama, "My Unfair Lady" and get recognised for other roles as well.

"I hope to get more diverse roles in the New Year so that the audience will get to see the different sides of me. I would also love to do something else other than dramas, like movies," she said.

That wish has partly come true, as she recently starred in the Simon Yam-Carina Lau comedy, "My Rival is Son-in-law, My Lover is Son-in-law".

As for singing, Natalie stated that the last time she performed was with her co-star Vincent Wong.

"The performance was driven by the plot. Next time, I will try to sing again if I have a chance," she added.

(Photo Source: Natalie Tong Instagram)