The Napkin Project (Love Stories Edition): Andrew Sean Greer

The Napkin Project: Andrew Sean GreerPhilip Friedman

You Again!

The first time it was fine—two cavemen huddling for warmth—the Pleistocene, anything goes! And when we met again in Babylon, then Tikal, it began to feel like a gift from the gods. Then a centurion and a Christian in Rome—that was hot. But Constantinople, Nanjing, Venice, Benin... I can hardly keep track. To keep finding someone, falling in love—only to discover it was you again. It’s nice to be fated for each other, but don’t you find it a bit... limiting? So when I found myself flirting with that tall man on the subway... and later that telltale birthmark... well... I’m sorry, I can’t do it again. I’m sitting out this round. See you again, my love, sometime next century.

We need a break.

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