Nancy Sit saddens over Violet Lee Ying's passing



29 Feb - Nancy Sit recently admitted that she was shocked and saddened by news of actress Violet Lee Ying's passing.

As reported on Mingpao, the 73-year-old veteran actress, who spoke to the media following her Metro Radio programme, stated that she couldn't believe it the first time she heard the news and had to confirm it with many friends before finally accepting it.

"We were very familiar with each other and we have cooperated before. But we lost contact during the pandemic," she said.

Nancy also said that the tragedy has made her realise that she is getting older and that she must be more careful.


Lee Ying passed away at the age of 70
Lee Ying passed away at the age of 70


"My children have reminded me not to hurry when I am taking a shower and not to lock the door when I am using the bathroom at home, so that someone could hear me if anything were to happen," she said.

Violet Lee Ying was revealed to have passed away recently, several days after she told friends she had a fall. She was 70.

(Photo Source: Nancy Sit IG, Mingpao)