Nan Rong Chee Cheong Fun at Bendemeer Market reopens after owner’s passing

Towards the end of 2022, regular patrons of Nan Rong Chee Cheong Fun were confused to see the stall’s shutters closed all the way down. This was an unusual sight for the business that had been operating for the past 2 decades. Then, in January 2023, it was announced that the uncle behind Bendemeer Market & Food Centre’s beloved chee cheong fun had passed away.

Nan Rong Chee Cheong Fun - Storefront

While not all stories have a happy ending, this one does. Nan Rong Chee Cheong Fun is back in business at its usual spot, but this time with different faces manning the stall.

Prior to their temporary closure, the stall was run by the owner and his wife. The elderly couple would begin operations at 6.30am to accommodate the hungry crowd that came in before work.

Nan Rong Chee Cheong Fun - Plate of chee cheong fun

Although it’s unclear who exactly is running the humble stall, it’s a relief to know that the owner’s legacy will continue. 

Fans of the stall will be delighted to know that they’re still serving Chee Cheong Fun for S$1 per roll. They also have Nonya Dumplings and Chestnut Dumplings for S$2.50 each.

Nan Rong Chee Cheong Funn - Plate of fried bee hoon with meat, egg, and chee cheong fun

In a Facebook post announcing the stall’s comeback, a photo of the menu shows that their Fried Bee Hoon (also priced at S$1), a long-standing crowd favourite, is no longer listed as a menu item. In the past, their Fried Bee Hoon would be the first dish to sell out and patrons were advised to drop by early in the morning if they wanted a plate.

Be sure to pay Nan Rong Chee Cheong Fun a visit if you’ve missed their budget-friendly meals, and support and cherish your local hawkers while you still can!

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