Naim Daniel injures himself playing with firecrackers

27 Apr – If there is one message Naim Daniel has for his fans and followers on social media, it would be to refrain oneself from playing with exploding firecrackers during Eid.

The singer learned his lesson the hard way recently after injuring his hand and forehead playing with "mercun bola", a ping-pong sized exploding firecracker resembling a soccer ball, known to have the tendency to cause minor injuries.

Sharing a photo of the said injury while also being shirtless, Naim wrote in his caption, "Do not play with the mercun bola, please."

Naim shows his injury at the clinic
Naim shows his injury at the clinic

Many took to the comments to either laugh or reprimand the singer, including actor Nadhir Nasar, who wrote, "I told you not to play with firecrackers while I am not around."

Cousin Sissy Iman wrote, "The nurse should have just poked that wound even more!"

On his IG Story, Naim shared several other photos of the injury, as well as his visit to a clinic, where he is seen getting treatment. He later posted a funny video of him playing with a sparkler unhappily, possibly being banned from joining the others due to his bandaged hand.

Although Naim made no mention as to how he was injured, he told the media later on that it was a silly mistake of not throwing the firecracker in time, causing it to explode in his hand.

Naim has to make do with playing sparklers now
Naim has to make do with playing sparklers now

(Photo Source: Naim Daniel IG)