Nadine Lustre admits she's affected by Ricky Lo's article

Heidi Hsia
·1-min read

5 Mar – Nadine Lustre recently admitted that she was hurt by the article written by columnist Ricky Lo about her breakup with James Reid - specifically when it touched upon the subject of her late brother, Isaiah.

As reported on PEP, the actress who spoke about the issue during the premiere of the documentary, "Making Mega at Rio" at SM Megamall, stated that there was a part in the article that really affected her, adding "When Ricky Lo published that article, it said, 'James is cushioning the breakup because...' or he's like, '[James] is taking things slow because... I'm mentally unstable."

Lustre added that she lost it on the part about her brother, in which Lo related the actress' own situation to the tragedy of Isaiah's death.

"I was fine with the breakup article. I didn't care about it. But as soon as he mentioned, like, mental illness and my brother, that's when he crossed the line," she said.

The actress stressed that the tragedy that has befallen her brother was nothing to joke about.

"I can't even imagine what was going through his head when that was happening to him. Until now, I still wish I pushed him a little bit more, so he opened up to me, so I helped him. I could have helped him, I could have done something," she said.

The actress admitted that she still thinks about it, but that she is now more concerned with the people who are actually going through it and who need people to lean on.

(Photo Source: Nadine Lustre Instagram)