Nabil Zamanhuri passed away from heart attack, mum confirmed

28 May - Nabil Zamanhuri's mother has confirmed that the singer-actor had died from a heart attack.

Speaking to the media following Nabil's passing, Fatimah said that the information was given after a post-mortem conducted by the hospital, saying that it could be from the stress and unhealthy lifestyle that included irregular eating habits.

"He might be having some stress... and irregular eating. I understand, sometimes you can't find time to eat when you are working. Sometimes you eat things that you shouldn't eat, like fast food, which contributes to the lifestyle," she said.

Fatimah said that Nabil had actually made plans to undergo a thorough medical checkup prior to his death.

Nabil was safely buried at the Ukay Perdana Cemetery at 6.20pm of 26 May. Among those seen at the funeral included comedian and host Nabil Ahmad, singer Nora Ariffin, and Lah Ahmad.

Nabil left wife Adelia and two daughters
Nabil left wife Adelia and two daughters

(Photo Source: Nabil Zamanhuri IG)