Mystery in Matchaya: Gear up for the once-in-a-year secret flavour from Hokkaido

The journey began with trying to source for quality tea, especially matcha, and they were drawn towards the undeniable allure of Japan and its products. After realising the lack of this quality here at home, Matchaya was started. While matcha is at the core of their essence, they take pride in not restricting themselves and constantly innovating the tea experience. Keeping this as a focus, the cafe serves artisanal tea, ice cream, and dreamy baked goods.

In this series of Mystery In Matchaya, the hidden flavour revealed is a yearly celebration of a universally beloved essence all the way from Japan: Hokkaido Lavender. It’s described as a yearly affair to reminisce their romantic and unforgettable affair with Hokkaido Lavender. Now how can I possibly not want to try that?

matchaya - close up of food

To start with something basic there’s the Lavender Yuzu Houjicha Tea (S$15 for a gift box) that has a yuzu zestiness to it alongside the taste of roasted green tea and lavender aroma. I can’t think of a better de-stressor. The Lavender Special: Pate A Choux (S$30), which aside from two Lavender Choux, comes with six other pastries that include two Matcha Choux, a Houjicha Choux, and a Kurogoma Choux.

The Lavender Earl Grey Roll Cake (S$6.50 per slice, S$30 for whole cake) has me excited. Taste the earl grey Chantilly cream and earl grey creameux infused with Hokkaido lavender and all rolled within a sweet sponge cake. Of course, it’s all incomplete without ice cream so there’s the Lavender Soft Serve (S$7.70 for a cone).

The Lavender Parfait (S$18.90) is an attention grabber. With brown sugar jelly, Lavender Soft Serve, Oreo crumbs, black charcoal crispbread and white chocolate sauce, it has me licking my lips. You can also get the whole Lavender Set (S$23) that comes with two drinks of your choice with the Lavender Choux and Lavender Soft Serve. One is clearly spoilt for choice with this series, which is available until stocks last.

matchaya - close up of food

If you want to give their regular matcha-based treats a go, here are some options lined up for you. Uji Matcha Soft Serve Tub (S$14.90), the Matcha Azuki Roll Cake (S$6.50 per slice, S$30 for whole cake), and the Signature Matchaya Yuzu Cake (S$10 per slice, S$78 for whole cake) are some yum options you can explore. It can never get too matcha for me!

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