Myrtle Sarrosa to donate sum of endorsement fee to Taal victims

Heidi Hsia

21 Jan – Myrtle Sarrosa recently announced that she is planning to donate a sum of her earnings from her endorsement deal to the victims of the Taal volcano eruption.

As reported on PEP, the "Block Z" actress revealed her intention during her launch as Nouve Fragrances' new celebrity ambassador saying, "Since it's the very first endorsement that I have this year, I promise that part of what Nouve is giving me, I'm giving it [to charity]."

"I believe if you're doing a good deed, you don't have to tell it to everyone. But personally, I will give a part of whatever blessing that God gives me to all the victims," she added.

Sarrosa shared that she had the opportunity to tour the island of Taal a few months ago and meet the people living in the area.

"We saw that there was no electricity and I saw all the different animals there. I feel very saddened every time I see PETA's post, so I hope to be able to help save the animals and I hope all our fellow citizens are safe," she said.

The Taal volcano erupted again on the afternoon of 12 January, making it the first since the 1977 eruption. More than 53,000 residents have abandoned their homes around the area to take shelter in evacuation centres, but some are refusing to leave or have already returned to check on their animals and belongings.

(Photo Source: Myrtle Sarrosa Instagram)