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'My 40-year-old eyes need this': A magnifying travel mirror for $9? It's 40% off

Have you ever fallen victim to super-poor lighting while traveling, making it difficult to apply makeup, pluck stray hairs or go about your skincare routine? Yeah, us too. We've long been on the hunt for a solution, and this shopper favorite hits the nail on the head: It's the Kintion Pocket Mirror, which offers magnification and LED lights for a full vanity experience in a pocket-sized package. It comes with a pocket-sized price too — this Amazon top-seller is now on sale for just $9.

You get two mirrors in one with this savvy compact: one at regular 1x magnification, and one at 3x magnification for all the hairy little details.

Save $6 with coupon
$9 at Amazon

With this sale price you'll get this handy go-anywhere mirror for just $9 with the additional on-page coupon — that's over 40% off, and close to the lowest price on record. Grab it now if you're looking for a valuable travel helper! It's also available in 12 colors, several of which are on sale for the same discount (and others for just a buck or two more).

If you don't have excellent eyesight (or, in some cases, miraculous night vision), you will benefit from a lighted magnifying mirror when you apply makeup, check your hair and tackle your skincare routine on the road. The Kintion Pocket Mirror provides a portable, two-sided compact (with each mirror side measuring a generous 3.3 by 2.5 inches) that is ideal for slipping into your purse or weekender. One side has normal magnification, while the other side features 3x magnification for finer detailing. Whether you're using this for travel or as part of your everyday routine, it'll help you see the little things — even if your eyes aren't quite what they used to be.

The non-magnified side has eight small LED lights, ideal for doing your makeup or diffusing the light while using the 3x magnification side. To use the LEDs, just flip a switch in the back and you're all set. The compact takes two 3-volt lithium batteries, which reviewers confirm are included with the mirror.

black LED compact mirror open and closed
Light up your life with this super-smart, super-affordable LED travel mirror. (Amazon)

Many Amazon reviewers have given the Kintion Pocket Mirror a five-star rating, with shoppers highlighting its magnification and brightness as major pluses.

"I cannot live without this mirror — my 40-year-old eyes need this to put mascara on!" said one happy customer. "[It] has a regular mirror side and a magnified side. Best mirror to throw in your bag and go!"

"It's light, compact and super cute," commented another shopper. "The lights are super bright and it’s the perfect size to slip into a purse or backpack."

Another five-star fan called the compact "small but mighty," sharing that it has "wonderful bright makeup mirror lights. I love the color I picked and it will be super handy when traveling," like when "some hotels don’t have mirrors in the room so you have to wait to put on makeup while others are showering."

Some shoppers think that the light is a little too bright and wish they could adjust the brightness to tone it down a bit.

"I love this mirror!" said one person. "I got it for my travel makeup bag because my last compact broke; I really love how small and slim it is. The only downside for me was the light function was too bright. I can't turn it on or use it without hurting my eyes."

"Super cute. Love that it lights up," wrote another reviewer. "It goes everywhere with me. I love that I can turn the light off. I just wish I could adjust brightness on the side with light."

Snap up this battery-powered compact while it's on sale — choose from black, pink (pictured), cyan and more.

Save $6 with coupon
$9 at Amazon

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