Mum 'livid' after discovering four-year-old son shares bed with her ex and his new girlfriend

A mum has discovered her son regularly shares a bed with her ex and his new girlfriend. [Photo: Getty]
A mum has discovered her son regularly shares a bed with her ex and his new girlfriend. [Photo: Getty]

A woman has taken to Mumsnet to express her fury after discovering her four-year-old son regularly co-sleeps shares a bed with her ex-boyfriend and his new partner.

The user explained the former couple’s son spends every weekend with his father, since the couple split up two years ago.

However, she has only just discovered her ex has a new girlfriend – who is said be be “about 21 years old”. To complicate matters, she also had no idea her son “has in fact met [the new girlfriend] several times and they all sleep in Daddy's bed.”

She asks her fellow users: “AIBU [Am I Being Unreasonable] to be absolutely livid???”

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Some users were firmly on the mum’s side, suggesting it was “weird” she did not know about this new person who had been having regular contact with her child.

“YANBU [You Are Not Being Unreasonable]. I think it's very weird to have someone involved so heavily in DC's {Dear Child’s] lives, yet nobody mentions it,” wrote one person.

Another added: “He should have given you due respect and told you [...] It is your business if your son is put to bed with a stranger.

“Fuck that don't let him go there till it stops,” one user wrote.

However, others suggested the woman should be more sympathetic to her ex and co-parent, suggesting his own parenting decisions should be left “up to him”.

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“There's lots of what you think "should" have happened but you've been separated for two years and it's up to him how he spends his contact weekends and who with,” was one response.

They added: “Is your son uncomfortable with the bed sharing? If he got into bed after a nightmare or for a snuggle in the morning should the girlfriend have been chucked out?”

“I understand why you are pissed off - but he's not doing anything immoral or illegal. You also have no right to know about his personal relationship, I agree it would be a courtesy to tell you,” another person added.

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