Mui Siu Ching says filming "Forensic Heroes IV" was unforgettable

3 Mar – If there is one unforgettable thing about producing her last series with TVB, Mui Siu Ching stated that it would be the time she had to re-shoot all scenes involving the series' previous supporting cast member Jacqueline Wong.

As reported on Mingpao, the producer who had to replace Jacqueline with Roxanne Tong in August last year when the former was involved in a scandal involving married singer Andy Hui, stated that it was the first time throughout her career in showbiz that she had to re-shoot so many scenes in just under a month.

"I think it was something rare that not many producers have experienced. It was equal to shoot an extra 20 episodes. It was a test for me to overcome the problem," she said.

When the topic of her retirement was mentioned, Mui laughed and said that she is very reluctant to leave especially after the cast members have been making surprises that moved her a lot.

As for the series' tremendous ratings, the producer said that it would be impossible for the drama to surpass previous record of her previous series, "Beyond the Realm of Conscience", which broke 50 points in viewership during its time.

"I believe it will be difficult to break this record. If the show could get 40 points during its finale, it would be the best," she added.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)