Tang Jun Sang and Lee Je Hoon help the dead depart in Move To Heaven

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Tang Jun Sang as Geu Ru in Move To Heaven.
Tang Jun Sang as Geu Ru in Move To Heaven.

Come 14 May, the heartwarming story of Move To Heaven will make its debut on Netflix. An original series from the streaming service featuring Tang Jun Sang (Crash Landing on You) as Geu Ru, a young man with Asperger's syndrome, it also stars Lee Je Hoon (Taxi Driver) as Sang Gu, Geu Ru's unwitting guardian.

The unlikely duo are 'trauma cleaners', who work to sort out the last possessions of the deceased and uncover the stories which they have left behind.

Sang Gu and Geu Ru also act as undertakers to ease the passing of the dead in their final move and convey their last words to loved ones.

Lee Je Hoon as Sang Gu in Move To Heaven.
Lee Je Hoon as Sang Gu in Move To Heaven.

Move To Heaven is based on the non-fiction essay Things Left Behind by Kim Sae Byul, one of the pioneering trauma cleaners in South Korea.

The series' director Kim Sung Ho and writer Yoon Ji Ryun showcase the assorted stories left behind by the dearly departed.

Cast members also include Tang Jun Sang, Lee Je Hoon, Hong Seung Hee (Navillera), as well as Lee Jae Wook (True Beauty) and Ji Jin Hee (Undercover) who have cameos.

After declaring “I am Han Geu Ru, a trauma cleaner. I’ll begin to help you with your final move,” Geu Ru and Sang Gu are seen in the trailer sifting through the possessions of the deceased one by one.

As the traces of the departed slowly disappear, a yellow box labelled Move to Heaven is carefully filled up.

Geu Ru and Sang Gu deliver the final stories from individuals who have passed away that are left behind, offering their final words of farewell with much comfort and empathy.

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