The Most Underrated Tourist Attraction in the World Is in the Caribbean — and It Has Gorgeous Gardens, Wildlife, and Stunning Ocean Views

These spots absolutely deserve more love.

Some landmarks simply do not get the recognition they deserve. But Wingie, a flight booking site, is hoping to change that with its new rankings of the most underrated tourist attractions in the world.

To figure out which spot is the most underrated of them all, the team looked at 40 keywords and phrases indicating whether an experience was perceived as underrated relative to the total number of reviews, including "underrated," "value for money," "awe-inspiring," and "better than expected" across Tripadvisor reviews. It then narrowed the list to places with more than 100 reviews and then gave each landmark an "overrated" and "underrated" score, calculated as the percentage of reviews that contain a relevant keyword.

After looking at the data, the team named Ahhh Rasnatango Gallery and Garden in Montego Bay, Jamaica, the most underrated tourist spot in the world.

"It received the highest proportion of underrated mentions compared to the number of reviews of any other landmark worldwide," Wingie shared in the finding. "Of 357 reviews, there were 712 underrated keywords or approximately two compliments per review. The eco-tourism tropical retreat, perched 2,000 feet above sea level, was called 'beautiful by over two-fifths (45 percent), with other top mentions including 'amazing,' 'breathtaking,' and a 'must see.' According to its profile, it has a perfect five-star rating and ranks top among all things to do in Montego Bay."

The gorgeous tropical destination was far from alone in its underrated status. It was followed by the Irish National Stud and Gardens in County Kildare, Ireland, which received 2,713 compliments from surprised visitors who called it "interesting" more than 350 times.

It was joined on the list by Al Noor Island in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, in third, which people called "amazing" 151 times; the Cabot Trail, in Cape Breton Island, Canada, in fifth, which received 244 "breathtaking" compliments; and Stone Hall Castle, in Regina, Canada, rounding out the top five with the term "must-see" mentioned 141 times.

The rest of the top 10 included Stetson Mansion in Florida, United States, in the sixth spot; Graceland, Elvis Presley’s estate in Memphis, Tennessee; Kiambethu Tea Farm in Kenya, Newcastle Memorial Walk in Australia; and Skypoint Climb in Australia.

“Tourists use sites like TripAdvisor to find out which attractions are worth it. Visitors want to feel their ticket was good value for money, especially during the cost-of-living crisis when holidays become less affordable," Nihan Çolak Erol, COO of WEG, shared in a statement provided to Travel + Leisure. "By studying traveler sentiment, we can reveal which experiences visitors raved most about. The key to creating a good experience is ensuring that it exceeds expectations. Visitors should understand the value and uniqueness of each experience, so they leave feeling their money was well spent."

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