‘Morning Joe’ Shreds ‘Dumbest Guy in the Senate’ Josh Hawley (Video)

Lindsey Ellefson
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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough tore into GOP senator Josh Hawley Tuesday morning, calling him the “dumbest guy in the Senate,” among many other things.

“Who else is stupid enough — and I have said this guy has to be the dumbest guy other than Ron Johnson, who doesn’t really count — he has to be the dumbest guy in the United States Senate because he is arguing that he lives in a communist country where his First Amendment rights are violated as he is writing a front-page op-ed on the New York Post,” fumed Scarborough, referencing Hawley’s Monday Post opinion piece on what he called the “muzzling” of America.

“And it gets published!” interjected co-host Mika Brzezinski.

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Scarborough went on, “He’s getting paid, how much? Millions of dollars to write a book? And he’s claiming that his First Amendment rights are violated because it’s Regnery instead of Simon & Schuster.”

Last week, it was announced that Hawley’s book “The Tyranny of Big Tech” will be published by Regnery following Simon & Schuster’s decision to scrap the release earlier in the month, citing the Missouri senator’s involvement in efforts to overturn the 2020 election.

Hawley backed former president Donald Trump’s false claims of voter fraud and objected to states’ certification of President Joe Biden’s election win, even after a Capitol riot related to the certification left 5 dead.

“What a whiner,” Scarborough continued, labeling Hawley a “right-wing seditionist.”

Watch the “Morning Joe” clip above.

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