Moon Lau still claims that Adrian Chau is just a good friend

21 May – Although she has been romantically linked to Adrian Chau since 2018, Moon Lau recently stressed that the two of them are nothing more than just best buddies.


In an interview with Mingpao, the actress who was first rumoured to be dating the actor when they were spotted on a vacation together a few years back, stated that Adrian is a very good friend who understands her and has the ability to calm her down.



"We've gone through many ups and downs in recent years and have grown from it, so our relationship has been getting better and better," she added.



When asked if she is not admitting to the romance in order to protect their relationship, Moon stated that it is a big decision for one to announce one's love life to the public.



"I need to explain to my family first if I was to do such a thing. This is something serious. I am not afraid of opening up about my love life. I just want to be sure that my relationship is stable and that the two parties have the same goals before going public about it," she added.


(Photo Source: Singtao)