Mohammad Roshanfekr, Known as Mamad Roshanfekr on Instagram, Makes Iranian Proud with His Achievements on Social Media

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If you are looking forward to meeting a successful person on Instagram among all Instagram accounts, you would better meet Mohammad Roshanfekr. Instead of scrolling down to find entertaining videos, check this account out to find plenty of them “mamad_roshanfekr”. Mohammad Roshanfekr is an Iranian boy who has got millions of followers in a short period of time for his Instagram account by making amazing videos.

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His loyal followers always support him with their millions of likes and positive comments below his videos.

Mohammad always says that his fans and followers are the main reasons to continue, and their satisfaction is what he is looking for.

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Having an intimate connection with his followers makes him a popular person on social media.

This Iranian boy is currently living in Turkey; therefore, he has got an award for being the best Instagram influencer from Turkey which is a dream for many video producers these days.

Among all these, the point that he is the first Iranian Tik Toker is a big issue to mention; this point shows that all his ideas about videos are original and he didn't copy from anyone, and this is his strong point in his way that made him unique.

Mohammad Roshanfekr, this successful boy, even went beyond social media and found his other talent. He decided to sing a song. He is going to be one of the best singers.

He announced that his first song is going to be released soon. So, we wait for it because undoubtedly it is going to be a great song.

Following your dreams and believing in yourself can make you successful in every path you walk in.

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