Model Jessica Knura Spotted on The Cover Page Of ‘ELLE’ Magazine

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Jessica Knura is on the cover of Elle's July 2021 issue and she gave a candid interview to the magazine in which she discussed how they shot their cover.

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A cover model represents the magazine and is at the same time an identification person for their readers. A woman who meets the world at eye level. So they choose them based on their image of women: individual, self-determined and smart. It corresponds to their diverse, open, and international worldview. Of course, readers also look for familiar faces on the cover, which is why they always take photos of prominent women who meet these criteria.

Here is what the 24-year-old model had to share:

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Model Jessica Knura has a great say about her shoot and shares whatever happened at the shoot and how she did the work and enjoyed it too.

From wearing clothes of various top-notch brands like Les Lunes, Gobi Cashmere of Switzerland, and transforming a Camilla Ghione scarf into a dress to setting up beach wavy vibes at a construction site for her photoshoot, she pulled off every look that she needed to and rocked her project. This describes the extent of success that she has already achieved.

They started the shoot in the morning and had people working there because it was a real construction site, they also got a little entertained while they were working! Some sand storms also caused a little disturbance but Model Jessica Knura says it was all worth it and had great fun there!

Other than all the work, she had a nice experience shooting with such a big magazine house and apart from only working, they also goofed around with the crew and also had great energy. The site also helped a lot because it was shot in Munich and its beauty was being seen in the shoot.

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