Model-actress Nanao tops survey of Japanese women's ideal body for 4th time

Japanese model-actress Nanao. (Photo Nanao/Instagram)
Japanese model-actress Nanao. (Photo Nanao/Instagram)

Recently for the Japanese ladies, it seems being slim is not enough. There is an increasing trend to go after feminine curves and toned muscles. Social media sites like Instagram are brimming with stoic training photos, with Japanese female artistes at the forefront with their beautifully cool looks.

In its fourth year running, a ranking by Oricon News surveyed Japanese females in their teens up to those in their 50s to find out what their ideal body is. The one reigning at the top of the ranking is none other than the devilishly gorgeous model and actress Nanao, who has won the previous three rounds as well. She is best known for her villainous roles such as in Japanese television drama Miss Devil.

Based on the comments from the voters, the 31-year-old Nanao is admired for her long arms and legs which are not only slim, but also well-toned. The most inspiring for her supporters is that Nanao’s attractive figure is achieved through hard work, giving people hope that nothing is impossible.

Standing at 1.72m tall, Nanao has also won the Best Jeanist last year. This marked her third consecutive victory which opened her doors to the Best Jeanist hall of fame.

Furthermore, Nanao’s admirable body shape has also won her contracts with Japanese training gear company Sixpad since 2018. It is no wonder she has topped the ideal body ranking for four consecutive times! Nanao is now one year away from entering the hall of fame.

Coming in second in the ideal body ranking is actress Ryoko Yonekura. The 44-year-old is best known for her role in Japanese hit medical drama series Doctor-X. Yonekura, who was trained in classical ballet for 15 years since she was 5, is mainly admired by women in their 40s and 50s. They liked her style and are impressed with how Yonekura is strict with herself to maintain her body shape.

In third place of the ideal body ranking is Japanese-born Bangladeshi fashion model Rola, who often posts photos of her slender, long legs on Instagram. Suffice to say, her voters love her moderately muscled body and slim but feminine figure.

With the new trend of having a toned body and after looking at the photos and videos of these Japanese models and actresses, would it motivate you to hit the gym more frequently now? (No, not the Pokemon gym please.)

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