Miss Universe Contestants Post Makeup-Free Selfies

·Assistant Editor

This Sunday, women from 80 different countries will compete for the Miss Universe title, and the judges and audiences are expecting glossy lips, glamorous blowouts, and  smoky eye makeup — along with the Brazilian tans and dangerously high stilettos. But last night, current Miss Universe Paulina Vega of Colombia asked the contestants to share their barefaced selfies with the world on social media. “Every #MissUniverse is #ConfidentlyBeautiful. Are you? Show us your no-makeup selfies,” Vega Tweeted, including a no-makeup selfie of herself.

Not surprisingly, the contestants who voluntarily shared their no-makeup selfies had enviably even skin tones, glowing complexions, high cheekbones without contouring, and charismatic smiles — this is the highest form of a beauty humblebrag. But if you’re looking forward to the theatrics of the Miss Universe on Sunday night, you may want to check out these selfies first. It is interesting that a lot off these women, most in their late teens or early 20s (Vega is 22), actually look much younger (and fresher) without the Miss Universe-approved makeup and blowouts. Maybe the pageant should think about some makeunders.


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