Miss HK alumna Kayan Choi in talks to sign with TVB

17 Sep – Miss Hong Kong 2019 alumna Kayan Choi recently admitted that she is in talks to join TVB, making her the first of this year's Miss Hong Kong contestants who will be signed with the broadcaster if everything goes according to plan.

As reported on HK01, the 25-year-old social media influencer, who only made it to the top 5 of the said pageant recently, stated that joining TVB would be a good opportunity for her.

Asked if she would mind if the company pays her a low salary, she said, "I do mind a bit. I have to provide for my family, so if I do join TVB, I will have to work harder."

However, Kayan stated that the most important thing is to gain experience and opportunity to perform.

"I hope that I will get more clients to do shows and take on more jobs," she said.

As to whether she would prefer going into acting, like her predecessors Grace Chan and Eliza Sam, or hosting shows like Louisa Mak, Kayan said that she would like to try both.

"But it's not up to me to decide. I hope when the time comes, the producer would give me a chance," she said.

She also stated that she will continue to run her online store and be active on social media even if she is signed with the company.

(Photo Source: Kayan Choi Instagram)