Mini Tsai in tears over questions about relationship

17 Jan – Taiwanese actress Mini Tsai sparked rumours of breakup with 831 guitarist Uplee after tearing up over questions about their relationship recently.

As reported on Epoch Times, the actress, who appeared at an exhibition was cheerful and all smiles throughout the event, but changed her tune when a reporter asked to confirm whether she and Uplee are still together.

"Let me drink water first," she said, as she turned around to hide the tears welling in her eyes.

When prodded further about the nature of their relationship, Mini only responded, "It's hard to say."

She also declined to reply directly whether or not that they are still in touch with each other.

"Everyone is alive and well," she said, before quickly leaving the scene.

On the other hand, both Mini and Uplee's management companies have dismissed the idea that the two of them had even dated, and stressed that the actress and the musician are only good friends and still remain so.

Mini and Uplee have been romantically linked to each other for the past five years, having often interacted with each other online. Although they have always stressed that they are only friends, the rumours continued to be fuelled by their closeness, with Mini even attending 831's concert at the Taipei Dome in August last year.

(Photo Source: NDTV)