Ming Dao's sister-in-law, nephew might be drugged before death

8 Jan – A bottle has been found at the crime scene, where 42-year-old Lin Ming-hung - the brother of Taiwanese actor Ming Dao - was discovered hanging from a tree, with both his wife and son's lifeless bodies nearby.

According to Mingpao, the Taiwanese media reported that the discovery of the bottle does not rule out the possibility that the wife and son were unconscious when they were strangled to death, as previously determined by the strangulation marks around their necks.

In addition to collecting the liquid present in the bottle for testing, the forensic team will also be performing an autopsy on the three bodies on 8 January.

According to initial judgement, Lin and his family could have died somewhere between the afternoon of the 4th and the early morning of 5 January. Meanwhile, a CCTV footage police found nearby the area showed Lin with his wife and 12-year-old son on a motorcycle as they headed for the mountains in the Neihu District.

The bodies were discovered by mountaineers at about 1pm on the 5th.

In the previous report, police found text messages sent by Lin to a friend expressing his thoughts about ending his life due to his financial issues. However, there was no indication that showed his wife and child had the same intention.

On the other hand, it was reported that Ming Dao is still in shock over the tragic deaths of the family. According to friends, the actor was heartbroken not only by the death of his brother and his wife, but also his young nephew - whom they said he loved very much.

(Photo Source: World Journal)