Mikhail Tenazas Sets a Record by Growing the Globe Wanderer to a Million Followers in Its First Year

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Studied and finished medicine but decided not to practice because he realized that his heart wasn’t in it. Mikhail Tenazas is a 36-year-old content creator who runs a travel blog and some famous social media pages. He was born on January 28, 1985 in Cebu city in the Philippines. He completed his studies in medicine in 2012.

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Even before completing, he knew that this wasn’t the path for him. In the same year, he decided to start an online business which could give him the freedom to travel regularly. He was already following a few big travel hubs on social media where he got the inspiration for most of his travels. He figured that he could do the same and actually make a living from travelling. In 2014, he started building his pages one by one.

Starting with his first page better known as The Globe Wanderer which completed about a million followers in the first year. He committed to posting at least 6 times a day for each page which helped the account to grow very fast. He used this privilege to grow his other pages MG Tenazas and The Travel Pro which is based on luxury, travel & adventure. Then he got involved in things like photography and editing. This was the time when he started getting offers from tourism boards and hotels to work with them.

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By the start of 2016, he started travelling full-time and worked with several brands all around the world. He also worked on a campaign for Saudi Arabia in 2019 to promote the country finally opening to tourism. It was actually his second time visiting the country.

The campaign was a big one. After arriving there, he realized that he had been selected along with some of the biggest influencers and content creators of the globe. He also got the chance to work with Abercrombie and Fitch, the Turkish Tourism Board, and several luxury resorts brands like Four Seasons and Ritz Carlton.

Behind the scenes there’s a lot of preparation and planning to get that perfect shot. You don’t go on these trips thinking it’s going to be a holiday. You actually need to work. As a content creator, one also has to think about getting multiple income streams early on. Working with tourism boards or travel brands can be financially rewarding, but you can’t rely solely on this as the pandemic has shown. You can sell your own products, start a blog, or just get creative and find other ways of getting a passive income.

Tenazas believes that he sees himself traveling while running a successful travel blog along with his social media pages. He sees himself running several other businesses related to travel and photography including launching a photo and video editing appcation that also features his own presets for Lightroom and Premiere.

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