Mikee Quintos admits she is in a relationship

Heidi Hsia

9 Oct – Mikee Quintos recently admitted that she is currently in a relationship with someone outside showbiz.

As reported on PEP, the actress, who spoke about her love life recently, revealed that her new boyfriend is Chinese and that they came to know each other due to the fact that they have the same circle of friends.

"I am happy and just want to take things slow. I don't want to be all-out for now," she said.

Quintos also revealed that her boyfriend would sometime visits the set of her new drama, "The Gift", and would socialise with her co-star Alden Richards.

"I just want to enjoy the time with him and what we have right now. We're not on the level of "I love you forever" [or anything like that]. We're not at that stage," said the 21-year-old with a laugh.

Prior to her new love, Quintos dated singer Louie Pedroso.

(Photo Source: Mikee Quintos Instagram)