Mike He denies cheating on wife with another woman

2 Jan – Taiwanese actor Mike He has recently denied allegations that he has cheated on his wife with another woman.

As reported on UDN, the issue sparked recently when a Taiwanese tabloid released pictures and videos on New Year's Day of Mike supposedly acting chummy with a female companion.

According to the tabloid, the actor went to a karaoke place with a group of friends - including the said female companion - on Christmas Eve, and was seen hugging and holding hands with the said woman before sending her home.

In response to the allegation, Mike's rep released a statement saying that the woman seen with the actor was just a good friend.

"It was just a gathering among friends that day. He was very happy and drank a bit much, so that's why the action was a bit passionate. But there was nothing more that crossed the boundaries between friends," the rep stated.

However, netizens were unsatisfied with the actor's explanation, saying that the behaviour between the two seemed too much for even best friends.

(Photo source: Mike He Facebook)