Mid-Autumn Festival Food Fair 2022: Taste traditional street-style food like Apam Balik & Takoyaki

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It’s the time of the year when there is a slight chill in the air announcing the arrival of colder months, but there is still warmth hanging around. Celebrate Autumn and all things fall in the lively Smith Street of Chinatown at the Mid-Autumn Festival Food Fair

The festivities are underway and you can enjoy the food until 10 Sep 2022, from 12pm to 10pm daily. It’s here to cater to your nostalgic tastes by bringing you stalls that deliver traditional street-style grub. So grab your foodie buddy and walk down memory lane literally, to try out your childhood favourites. 

Mid Autumn Festival Food Fair - The street

With numerous, bright, low-hanging bulbs, the street looks beautiful and well-lit. Check out Taiwanese Choice for affordable options of filling food. The menu includes Mi Xie (S$6) which is glutinous rice with authentic Taiwanese seasoning, and Yan Shu Ji (S$6) which has chicken breast marinated in sauce and sweet potato starch that’s fried until crispy and sprinkled with special seasoning. You can also pick something lighter like the Sweet Potato Plum Fries (S$6), Hash Brown (S$4), and Carrot Cake (S$6)

Mid Autumn Festival Food Fair - stalls

Another one that might grab your attention is One_B serving Japanese Takoyaki, a universally beloved snack. It comes in the form of Original (S$4), Cheesy (S$5), and Mentaiko (S$5). Look out for Taiwan Hand Made if you’re craving some Sweet Potato Balls (10 pcs for S$5). If your sweet tooth is still unsatisfied, have some good old Apam Balik at B&B where they’ve got flavours like Peanut (S$4), Nutella (S$5), Oreo (S$4), Caramel (S$5) and a whole lot more.

These are just a few of the wide range of stalls to grace the Mid-Autumn Festival Food Fair, so make your way down to Chinatown to experience some nostalgia. The fair is on from 26 Aug to 10 Sep 2022.

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