Michelle Yeoh cast in Crazy Rich Asians

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Crazy Rich Asians

Now, this is a project that fills us with a great deal of trepidation. A novel set in Singapore and written by a Singaporean, with the movie adaptation (presumably) to be filmed in Singapore. And it’s just cast Michelle Yeoh, not to mention one of our favourites: Fresh Off The Boat‘s Constance Wu.

Wu plays American-born Chinese economics professor Rachel Chu, who gets together with Singaporean boyfriend Nick and travels home with him for his best friend’s wedding. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Yeoh plays Nick’s controlling and disapproving mother Eleanor, as it turns out that Nick actually hails from one of the richest families in Asia.

It’s also directed by Jon M. Chu, so we can at least be assured that there will be plenty of Asian representation in the movie. And yet, there’s been no word of any Singaporeans being cast. Wu is Taiwanese-American, while Yeoh – who’s just been cast in Star Trek: Discovery –  is Malaysian (close enough lah).

We at Geek Crusade acknowledge that Singapore has but one genuine Hollywood star in Chin Han (blessed be his name – more on him very soon!). And we are also confident that the shoot here – if any – will take in the usual (boring) sights i.e. Marina Bay Sands, the Esplanade, Chinatown etc etc.

But if nothing else, we hope that the movie is at least filled with recognisably Singaporean accents and more than a smattering of Singlish.


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