Michelle Ye not interested in marriage

22 Jan – Although she is currently dating again after breaking up with stylist Xiao Mo, Michelle Ye stated that she has no intention to get married.

In an interview with Topick, the actress-producer stated that it is enough for her to find someone who would commit to her and make her happy, and that marriage is just unnecessary.

"How long would a marriage last? Marriage and divorce are like games. I have a lot of friends who are currently in the process of divorcing or are already divorced. Getting married is not that important," she said.

Michelle stated that there are a lot of other more important things in life than marriage, like contributing to the society and caring for the people around you.

As for her, the career-driven actress said that she just enjoys being around friends and experiencing the process of dating, adding, "It makes me feel young."

(Photo Source: Have8 TV)