Michelle Chen and Wallace Chung play parents in "Legend of the Hidden Sea"

9 Apr - The new fantasy drama, "The Legend of the Hidden Sea" is set to star Xiao Zhan in the lead, but it was a different casting choice that sparked netizens' attention recently.

The drama, which is directed by Zheng Xiaolong of "Legend of Zhen Huan" fame, recently cast Michelle Chen and Wallace Chung to play parents to Xiao Zhan's character.

However, fans can be assured that they are only playing the parents for his character during childhood, and not to have any scenes with Xiao Zhan itself.

It is noted that this is the first costume drama for Michelle, who last donned a period costume in "The Legend of Qin" in 2015.

Adapted from Kennedy Xu's "The Story of Zanghai Xilin", the drama revolves around a man, who, after experiencing the destruction of the Manchu family in his childhood, hones his talent to return to the capital to avenge his family.

Xiao Zhan plays the lead in the new drama
Xiao Zhan plays the lead in the new drama

(Photo Source: SINA, SOHU)