Michelin-rated Jay Fai x Shin Ramyun collab releases new tom yum instant noodles

As the year draws to a close, many Singaporeans are choosing to spend their festive breaks in neighbouring Southeast Asian countries. Those who pick Thailand as their destination get to enjoy another upside to their trip. Working with the famous Michelin-rated Jay Fai of Bangkok, Nongshim Thailand has released two exciting new flavours of instant noodles under the Shin Ramyun brand.

Shin Ramyun x Jay Fai - Jay Fai

From Nov 23, these fusions of Thai and Korean flavours can be found at 7-Eleven convenience stores across Thailand. Infusing the essence of her beloved street food with the South Korean instant noodle phenomenon’s spiciness, the collaboration has produced flavours in both Shin Ramyun Tom Yum soup flavour and the stir-fry variety with the latter more aligned with Jay Fai’s speciality dishes.

Shin Ramyun x Jay Fai - Stir-fry Tom Yum instant noodles

Purportedly, researchers from Nongshim went down to Jay Fai’s restaurant to faithfully replicate the taste of her cooking. Jay Fai was then invited to their headquarters for the finalisation process. The instant noodle giant hopes to expand its market presence in Thailand with this collaboration.

Rumblings of this first emerged in early Sep 2023 with an Instagram post from @nongshim_thailand showing the esteemed chef standing before banners of her likeness alongside Shin Ramyun branding.

Shin Ramyun x Jay Fai - Jay Fai cooking

For those unfamiliar with Jay Fai (real name Supinya Junsuta), her restaurant has received numerous accolades for its exemplary street food with her at the wok (donning ski goggles). Those awards range from ‘Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants‘ to the coveted 1-Michelin star rating. While most well-known for her crab omelettes, the restaurant also receives crowds of patrons for their other stir-fried dishes.

If you’re intent on braving the long queues (up to a few hours of waiting), the restaurant is located at 327 Maha Chai Rd, Samran Rat, Phra Nakhon, Bangkok 10200. Otherwise, these new tom yum instant noodles should be enough for a taste of her cooking. Let’s hope the new flavours get a Singapore release as well.

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