MICHELIN Guide 2024 unveils 6 new awardees, including 4 One MICHELIN Star restaurants, 1 Two-starred restaurant & SG’s 2nd MICHELIN Green Star

This just in: Michelin has unveiled the full list of restaurants and eateries selected for the MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2024 at its ceremony on 25 Jun 2024.

This year, the guide features a total of 238 F&B establishments, including StarredBib Gourmand and Selected locations. That’s a total of 238 reasons to be all the more proud of our ever-shining culinary scene.

Michelin Guide 2024 - Awardees

This year, 4 restaurants have been newly awarded One MICHELIN Star, bringing the total to 51 restaurants in the esteemed line-up. On top of that, Singapore’s 2nd ever MICHELIN Green Star has been awarded this year, while 1 restaurant has been promoted to Two MICHELIN Stars.

Without further ado, here’s the star-studded line-up of new awardees with MICHELIN Stars, including the newly promoted Two-starred restaurant and the MICHELIN Green Star recipient.

Meta (Promoted to Two MICHELIN Stars)

Michelin Guide 2024 - Meta
Credit – Meta

Innovative Korean restaurant, Meta, saw the addition of its 2nd MICHELIN Star this year. At the reins of the restaurant is Busan-hailing chef Sun Kim, who brings a sophisticated and modern touch to Korean cuisine through the seamless blending of traditional elements with bold flavours and minimalist aesthetics. It prides itself on an exquisite seafood-centric menu, so good it’ll delight even the die-hard meat lovers.

Araya (One MICHELIN Star)

Michelin Guide 2024 - Araya
Credit – Araya

At the helm of Araya are Chilean chefs Francisco Araya and Fernanda Guerrero. Drawing from Araya’s experiences in Spain and Japan, their innovative creations feature a unique blend of Chilean and Japanese ingredients tied together by a South Pacific flair. Oh, I shouldn’t forget to mention that Araya is the first restaurant with South American influences to earn a MICHELIN Star in Singapore — how cool is that?

Chaleur (One MICHELIN Star)

Michelin Guide 2024 - Chaleur
Credit – Chaleur

Chaleur boasts a meticulously crafted 10-course dinner menu that showcases executive chef Masahiko Kawano’s culinary artistry and prowess. Having spearheaded several renowned kitchens in Singapore, the talented Japanese chef presents a menu that harmoniously blends French and Japanese ingredients, enhanced by his expertise in classic French techniques.

Matera (One MICHELIN Star)

Michelin Guide 2024 - Matera
Credit – Matera

Led by seasoned German chef Bjoern Alexander, Matera redefines Italian cuisine through the incorporation of bold Asian influences. This cushy restaurant offers nothing short of a classy dining experience, wherein guests can watch the chefs at work in the open kitchen, all while enjoying the picturesque views of Marina Bay and the Esplanade.

Featured above is the Signature Whole Red Prawn, which pairs a perfectly smoked and succulent prawn with crispy prawn toast.

Pangium (One MICHELIN Star)

Michelin Guide 2024 - Pangium
Credit – Pangium

Helmed by Singaporean chef-owner Malcolm Lee, Pangium presents an exquisite tasting menu that casts a spotlight on the rich possibilities of Straits Cuisine, which diners can savour while taking in the tranquil view of Singapore Botanic Gardens. The restaurant blends tradition with modernity in its menu of meticulously prepared dishes that deliver on flavour.

Fun fact: the restaurant is named after pangium plant, which produces the buah keluak seed, quintessential to Peranakan cooking.

Fiz (MICHELIN Green Star)

Michelin Guide 2024 - Fiz
Credit – Fiz

And finally, we have Singapore’s second ever MICHELIN Green Star, Fiz (MICHELIN Selected). For the uninitiated, the MICHELIN Green Star recognises establishments with sustainability at the forefront of their ethos.

Championed by chef-owner Hafizzul Hashim, Fiz is a modern Malay restaurant with a set menu inspired by the chef’s childhood in Malaysia. Utilising a variety of local spices and ingredients, said menu is designed to provide diners with a deeper understanding of Malaysian flavours.

The restaurant demonstrates a strong commitment to sustainability through its responsible sourcing practices, energy conservation, efforts to reduce food waste and active engagement with the local community. Bravo!

On top of the MICHELIN-starred awardees, the MICHELIN Selection has also seen the addition of 23 locations, several of which are hawker stalls, bringing the tally to 151.

If you’d like to know more, the full list of awardees with MICHELIN Stars as per the MICHELIN Guide 2024 is as follows:

Three MICHELIN Stars

Les Amis


Meta (NEW)
Jaan by Kirk Westaway
Saint Pierre


Araya (NEW)
Art di Daniele Sperindio
Buona Terra
Burnt Ends
Chaleur (NEW)
Chef Kang’s
Hill Street Tai Hwa Pork Noodle
Imperial Treasure Fine Teochew Cuisine (Orchard)
Lei Garden
Ma Cuisine
Matera (NEW)
Pangium (NEW)
Shinji (Bras Basah Road)
Shisen Hanten
Summer Palace
Summer Pavilion
Sushi Ichi
Sushi Kimura
Sushi Sakuta
Waku Ghin

Yep, our local culinary scene truly is a gift that keeps on giving.

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