Miao Miao is grateful to Feng Xiaogang

15 May – Chinese actress Miao Miao (also known as Vivi) recently admitted that she will always be thankful to Feng Xiaogang for giving her the opportunity to showcase her talent to the world.

As reported on Phoenix, the actress, who sat down for an interview recently, shared that she owed her future success to Feng, who cast her in his award-winning movie, "Youth" - a project that really helped her rise to stardom.

"Although I have filmed several projects before, there hadn't been a particularly good opportunity [to make a breakthrough]. But he gave me the chance through "Youth", so I am really grateful," she said.

Miao Miao added, "He also introduced me to others and encouraged them to hire me. He is so good to me."

The actress stressed that she is determined to always stay in touch with the director.

"I often go and visit him, and share with him what kind of characters and projects that I was offered to do. He would also help me analyse and tell me what kind of role I am suitable for," she said.

Next, the actress is set to star alongside Aaron Kwok in the upcoming movie, "June".