Metro Radio's Chu Ming Yui saddened by discarded trophy

12 Feb – Chu Ming Yui has expressed sadness over the viral photo of a Metro Radio Hit Awards' accolade being abandoned on the streets of North Point – a photo that was shared by DJ Colin recently.

As reported on Mingpao, the former director of the Metro Radio, who admitted to have seen the photo of the trophy being discarded among piles of old shoes, said that he is very concerned with it.

"Awards are sacred. It encourages singers to work hard and establishes the performer's position and value. We should cherish the meaning behind one," he said.

DJ Colin previously revealed that the writing on the accolade stated that it was for the "Hit Breakthrough" category for the 2013 edition of the awards.

Among those who won include Adason Lo, Lung Siu Kwan, Denis Ng, Rainky Wai, and Shiga Lin.

Lung Siu Kwan recently shared a photo of her accolade to prove the discarded award did not belong to her, while Denis revealed that the trophy has been in his warehouse since he moved to Canada.

(Photo Source: Mingpao)