Meow Barbeque: One of China’s top 10 BBQ restaurants opens first overseas outlet at Bugis+

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“Meowwwwww!” Cat-lovers, listen up! If you love having a BBQ in a cat-themed establishment, this place is for you. Award-winning Chinese BBQ restaurant Meow Barbeque is opening its doors to the Singapore public on 24 September 2022 at Bugis+. This will be their very first outpost outside of China— how exciting for it to land on our shores!

meow barbeque - shopfront
Credit – Meow Barbeque

If you’ve never heard of them before, not to worry. Here’s a brief introduction.

Meow Barbeque was first founded back in 2012 by Uncle Meow(猫叔) who had a pet cat since his childhood days. Due to their gentle and majestic nature coupled with their exquisitely picky taste buds when it comes to food, he named his first restaurant Meow Barbeque (猫抓烤肉).

meow barbeque - queue in china
Credit – Meow Barbeque

Meow Barbeque is known for attracting long snaking lines in China, and even winning awards for its queues. With over 30 outlets stretching across 10 major Chinese cities like Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Chongqing, it has consistently been ranked under the Top 10 BBQ restaurants in China in various polls and awards.

It has also won Dianping’s Must-Try Restaurant for four straight years— that’s seriously very impressive! Celebrities such as Ada Choi, Zhang Jin, Monica Chan Fat-yung, Lu Yi and Ava Wang Ziwen have been spotted at various Meow Barbeque outlets as well.

meow barbeque - cute cat elements
Credit – Meow Barbeque

Meow Barbecue in Bugis+ will be presenting the signature variety of BBQ items crafted in adorable cat elements. The cuteness of cat paws and motifs can also be found all around the restaurant from the front entrance to the crockery used, right down to the food, and various decorative ornaments in and around the space.

meow barbeque - bbq meat dishes
Credit – Meow Barbeque

Look out for their signature items like Beef Chuck Cubes with Onion 洋葱牛小粒, which features oyster blade beef cubes served on onion petals for added natural sweetness. The Savory Beef Flank Steak (sliced) 秘制牛五花 comes doused in a sauce discovered in Sendai, Japan.

Not to be missed is the Spicy Beef Flank(sliced) 泡椒肥牛 that brings to the table grain-fed 129-day-old sliced beef marinated with pickled chillies.

If you’re a chicken-lover and a spice enthusiast, the Boneless Chicken Thigh with Szechuan Peppers (sliced) 藤椒鸡 is the spiciest dish on the menu. It’s served with green peppercorns and a secret homemade chilli mix that has been perfected after three long years of R&D.

meow barbeque - menu overview
Credit – Meow Barbeque

Other notable items to look forward to include the Premium Iberico Pork Belly with Garlic (sliced) 蒜香猪五花, Boneless Chicken Thigh with Cheese Dip 芝士鸡 and Beef Tongue (mid-section, sliced) 玫瑰牛舌, all of which await to be barbecued and enjoyed by everyone.

With so much yummy food offerings and Instagram-worthy photo opportunities to look forward to, we cannot wait for Meow Barbeque to officially open!

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