Meow Barbecue at Bugis+ is offering 10-40% discount for height difference

Listen up, BBQ afficionados. Meow Barbecue is celebrating the diversities in height that makes all of us special in our own way. From 2-19 Mar 2023, they’re offering a new promotional discount based on the difference in height between 2 members in your dining group.

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Everyone in my circle knows I’m short, standing at only 1.59m (and I’m proud of it). Well, it looks like in order to enjoy a scrumptious meal at one of China’s top 10 BBQ restaurants, I’ll have to search for my tallest friend and drag him along in order to maximise the discount.

Meow Barbecue has a wide selection of delectable meat platters for you to choose from, and the friendly staff can even barbeque the food for you table-side, so you can kick back and relax. In fact, my editor, Pavin is obsessed about this place (she has already dined here 4 times).

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Regardless of gender, if you’re aged 21 years and above, simply allow the restaurant staff to measure your height in order to determine the amount of discount you’ll be eligible for.

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Credit – Meow Barbecue

The discount details are as follows:

  • Less than 10cm: 10% discount

  • 10cm – 29cm: 20% discount

  • 30cm – 49cm: 30% discount

  • 50cm and over: 40% discount

It’s time to show your appreciation to the shortest and tallest member of your family or friend— it’s because of them that you’re paying less!

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So get your measuring tapes ready, and start hunting for your shortest and tallest favourite human and have a great feast at Meow Barbecue.  I’ll start by offering myself for any lunch or dinner dates (raises hand).

Do note that this discount is valid only for dine-in.

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