Megyn Kelly Says Hillary Clinton’s Late Night Appearances Supporting Biden Tell Voters ‘You Don’t Matter’ | Video

Megyn Kelly laid into Hillary Clinton after the former Secretary of State told Jimmy Fallon that undecided voters should “get over yourself” ahead of this year’s election. While speaking to Glenn Greenwald on her show, Kelly insisted that Clinton’s response has one message for those voters: “You don’t matter.”

“Do what’s right for the global citizenry, which is clearly to elect ‘the compassionate one with the heart,'” Kelly continued. “The guy who skipped officer Jonathan Diller’s funeral, that fallen cop got shot by somebody who had been under arrest of 21 times…The one who kept checking his watch as the bodies returned from Afghanistan at Dover Air Force Base, that’s ‘the compassionate one’ just in case you weren’t paying attention.”

Greenwald offered in response, “If I was a part of the Trump campaign, I would set aside as many funders I could to pay for Hillary Clinton to go on a speaking tour around the United States because I can’t imagine anything more helpful to their cause than to have her heard from as much as possible.”

“Everyone knows she’s an extremely wealthy and powerful woman,” he added. “She has been for for a long time now, and Americans are looking at their political system. They don’t like it. They’re looking at their way of life that they’re very worried about. And she’s basically saying – not even a pretense of empathy – we don’t care about your dissatisfaction you need to do what you’re told.”

Clinton visited “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” to discuss “Suffs,” a new Broadway show she produced. Fallon then asked if she would like to discuss the presidential election, to which Clinton said, “Oh, no. Let’s stick with the Easter Bunny.”

After Fallon insisted the pair had to have the political conversation because the two presidential options are Biden and Trump, he added, “What do you say to voters who are upset that those are the two choices?”

“Get over yourself,” Clinton replied. “Those are the two choices.”

Elsewhere in the show, Kelly and Greenwald also discussed NBC’s hiring—and firing—of former RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel. After she insisted that she would be “suing for more than the $600,000” and added, “This is what these companies do. Trust me, NBC has a history of this.”

“But they’re not the only ones, where it’s not enough to separate from you, they try to absolutely ruin on your way out the door. They try to make you unemployable by anyone else. Because they’re vicious, mean, a—holes,” Kelly continued.

Kelly also accused MSNBC President Rashida Jones and “Meet the Press” host Kristen Welker of lying about their role in McDaniel’s hiring. “Kristen Welker did have something to do with the hiring of Ronna McDaniel,” Kelly said, “That she had met with her privately along with another executive Carrie Budoff Brown, Senior Vice President of politics in mid-February, which was a few days after Budoff Brown initially reached out to McDaniel’s team to gauge her interest in joining as a paid contributor.”

Then, she continued, as soon as McDaniel was hired, “they let the mob kill her, emerged with her jugular all while sitting there playing holier than thou.”

Watch Kelly and Greenwald in the video above.

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