Meg Ryan Is Back With a New 2023 Rom-Com Co-Starring David Duchovny

what happens later poster
Attn: Meg Ryan Has Made Her Rom-Com Return!!Bleeker Street

Meg Ryan is here to single-handedly save the world. And by that, I mean she's back with a new rom-com!!

Bleecker Street Films just announced What Happens Later, which stars Meg alongside David Duchovny. The two play a former couple, Willa and Bill, who unexpectedly reconnect after 25 years when both their flights are delayed indefinitely due to a bad snowstorm, leaving them stranded together at the airport. They have no choice but to spend time with each other and unpack their relationship and breakup, which leads Bill to admit he was really in love with her, and Willa to ask the question "what if?"

what happens later poster
Bleecker Street Films

Meg also co-wrote and directed the upcoming film, and she spoke with EW about the movie, saying, "Sometimes there's a question of: Will they be together? Will they not be together? For that reason, [What Happens Later] sort of evolves the rom-com genre just a little bit. It's also about old people, and it's still romantic and hot."

She also gave a little more insight into the characters and their love story: "My character, Willa, is a magical thinker and David's character, Bill, is a catastrophic thinker. These rom-coms really work when the two characters are somehow opposites and yet a rhythm of intellect and humor and dialogue and banter that sort of indicates their compatibility," Meg said.

"So it's just been really fun to see David embrace this guy who I don't think is anything really like David. Whereas the Willa thing I can really relate to. To see him dive into every scene in the fullest way, he's funny, and he's smart, and he's dear, and irresistible."

Get excited, because the film's release is right around the corner! What Happens Later comes to theaters on October 13, 2023.

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