Meet Andrea Firpo; The Psychic Cheerleader Liberating Women Around the World

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Trauma and life-altering events have the ability to create a disconnect from everyone and everything around you. States of hyper-vigilance and numbness can cycle through you, and your emotional triggers can set off reactivity in yourself and others.

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As your specific trauma manifests, you may end up feeling detached, irritable, anxious and highly reactive in a myriad of ways. We now know that trauma rewires the brain in an attempt to protect you but it can actually harm you and hold you back from enjoying your life.

This suffering can take on many forms: feelings of shame, impatience on where you are in your life, a loss of control over your actions, being fearful of the future and afraid to take the next step, endless battles with addiction, and more.

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Our own suffering is a personal trial, and while some can overcome it, some of us might realize that we may never truly win the battle without the right support in place.

Andrea Firpo has encountered many women who live with this suffering all their lives and has learned to overcome it herself - soothing it all with deep, loving breaths and gentle practices. She understands how exhaustive this constant internal war can be on your well-being, and has dedicated herself as a Soul Liberation and Embodiment Guide to empower people to heal their trauma, transcend emotional wounding patterns and dispel self-limiting beliefs through somatic realization and connection techniques.

After deciding to spend the rest of her life calming inflammation, she is dedicated to helping others do the same. Fostering joy, reflection, self-compassion, and transformation, Andrea has become the Psychic Cheerleader who excels at helping women embody new ways of being through articulating the essence of their soul’s desires and intentions, while also reconnecting to their true self in order to live from their highest potential. She also brings in her understandings and the ways of ritual and ceremonial community through unique retreats, workshops, reiki attunements, and a personalized wellness program.

The world can be an unsafe place, but your own personal sense of safety is what helps you navigate it to success. Many women have their sense of safety compromised and feel like they’re unable to be the best version of themselves. As a trauma healing educator, Andrea will teach you how to soothe and integrate your emotional wounding, allowing you to overcome your past and step forward confidently into the future.

Working with women who have experienced major crises, or are stuck in transitional periods, Andrea helps them mend the disruption of flow in their life, whether it be personal health, relationships or career. Her holistic and supportive approach puts the tools of liberation in the hands of these driven women to enable reconnecting with their true selves, achieving energetic balance, and full integration of body + mind + spirit.

Andrea teaches awareness of your patterns, behaviours and responses; the physical body's response to overwhelm and adversity, the patterns of avoidance, escapism, and addiction to compensate for your trauma and feelings of inadequacy, as well as behaviours that have held you back, confined or made you unable to reveal your true strength to yourself and the world. These issues can even manifest themselves as physical symptoms that include inflammation or digestion issues, anxiety and overwhelm, or lowered immune response.

Andrea emphasizes that your joy, sense of well-being and passion doesn't have to take a back seat to your current reality. All of these things are within your control, and through her integral approach to healing trauma and relational wounding, you can experience the purpose-filled reality you deserve. "I am serious about real, lasting change and helping you get the profound deep healing you need," explains Andrea. "This is not about personal or spiritual development so much as it is about liberating yourself and leading your life with integrity."

Trauma doesn't have to define you. It can refine you. With reframing and proper processing, you can learn to reconnect with yourself and others. You can change the course of your life by focusing on the things that aid your healing.

If you're ready to take the courageous steps forward and make the conscious decision to reclaim your true purpose, connect with Andrea to begin your journey towards a powerful life of freedom today. You can live well again or maybe for the very first time.

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