Meet Adrian Lee: A 20 Year Old Entrepreneur Taking Day Trading to New Heights

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Successful entrepreneur and businessman Adrian Lee is making waves in the entrepreneurial world with his take on earning an income outside of the traditional 9-5. Today he’s here to share his journey and how he’s turned adversities into advantages to get where he is today.

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So Adrian, what first inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

“I always wanted the freedom that comes along with entrepreneurship and being your own boss. Seeing the lifestyle associated with working a 9-5 made me really realize that I wanted to have more control over my time and my finances and the best way to do that was to create my own business and do things on my own terms. I always had an entrepreneurial mindset and the vision that my future holds a lot more than what a job can give me.”

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What is the concept of your business that you’ve created to date?

“I’ve started an organization which essentially is focused around helping others attain financial independence and ultimately freedom. We’re helping people get their time back. We provide an educational platform to help people learn the skill set of trading in the financial markets and also become business owners themselves with the right mentorship and leadership.”

What are some of your goals for the future, personally and for your business?

“In the future I plan to move to Los Angeles, California, that’s my dream city, especially as an entrepreneur the opportunities there are endless. I want to buy my mom a house on the hills and really just be the first one in my family to change things for future generations.

For my business, I want to help uplift everyone around me. When I make it to the top I want to bring my whole team with me. I want everyone to be successful and I want to help as many people as possible achieve their personal and financial goals.”

What kind of adversities did you face throughout your journey?

“The city that I grew up in is one where a lot of people don’t make it out. People get killed every day in my city. It's like a trap where you can end up either selling drugs or doing hard labor in a factory, and very rarely does anyone ever leave the city. It sort of becomes a cycle.

It's more common for people not to go to university and so that limits the job opportunities. I didn’t go to college myself and around that time was a really low point in my life because I had also lost my job and I just felt like a failure, seeing other people going off to college and preparing themselves for their future. In hindsight, I look back on it and I know God put me through those trials for a reason, so I could develop a tough skin in preparation for the entrepreneurial world. I already have that go out and get it type of mindset so I just had to get moving. Now that I have made it out of that cycle I want to show other people that there are other ways too.”

As a thriving businessman with big goals for the future, there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing great things from Adrian. In closing, he leaves his best advice for the aspiring entrepreneur:

“Go out and get it! Work hard every single day. Show up every single day. Because the day that you don’t show up could have been the day that you win. So stay consistent and don’t let up.”

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