Max Zhang nearly broke his back filming "The Invincible Dragon"

22 Jun – Martial arts actor Max Zhang recently admitted that he sustained several injuries from filming his new movie, "The Invincible Dragon".

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who appeared alongside his co-stars at the premiere of the said movie that includes MMA fighter Anderson Silva, shared that he nearly broke his back in one scene following an on-set mishap.

"The injury wasn't minor, but I was lucky not to lose any limb. I had to fly in one scene, but halfway through, I hit my head in mid-air and fell backward down the ladder," he said.

Max stated that he continued filming, and only found out later on that he had injured his back.

"I had to rest a week before continuing the shoot," he added.

However, the actor stressed that it is inevitable to get injured filming an action flick.

Asked who got the most injuries between him and Silva, Max stated that the MMA fighter was good at showing no reaction to pain.

"I kept hitting him until his neck was all red. I told him that it would be useless if he isn't showing any painful reaction in a movie. I guess he was used to not showing any weaknesses to his opponent, being an MMA fighter and all," he said.

(Photo Source: Max Zhang Instagram)