Mat Yeung admits facing online attacks daily

23 Jan – Mat Yeung recently admitted that he has been under constant attack since July last year, after expressing his support for the Hong Kong police.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor who finds himself facing online bullies as well as continuous complaints about his restaurant STEW since photos of him attending a police event made the news last year, stated that there is nothing he can do but to deal with it as peacefully as he can.

"My restaurant has been getting complaints almost every day. I have faced different government departments and dealt with it. Some of the complaints are even funny. One reported about fire prevention regulations, and another even accused us of smuggling pork," he said.

As to allegations made by some netizens that the Lai Chi Kok branch of his restaurant was involved in unlicensed operation, Mat stated that he has already instructed the staff to follow up and that the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department (FEHD) has already sent an officer to the scene to deal with it.

Asked if the issue has impacted his work and life in the past six months, Mat said that the restaurants were hit the most - not just because of the attacks against him, but also the instability caused by the ongoing protests. The same can be said about his showbiz career, as a lot of organisers cancelled their public events because of the same situation.

"I think things will go back to normal after a while. These social atmosphere and separation between two factions. The environment will be restored," he added positively.

(Photo Source: Mat Yeung Instagram)