This Japanese beauty brand is the answer to a fuss-free skincare routine for him and her

meeth store is now open at Plaza Singapura #01-58. PHOTO: Lazada
meeth store is now open at Plaza Singapura #01-58. PHOTO: Lazada

Many of us grew up believing that all things Japanese are linked to premium quality. There’s a grain of truth to that, given the Japanese exactitude in their work and the long list of tried-and-tested bestselling Japanese products in the market. That is until K-Beauty dulled the shine of Japanese skincare products. Well, it appears that J-Beauty is back.

Here comes meeth, the new kid on the skincare block. Missed your travels to the most beautiful parts of Japan and not quite ready to take flight to the country just yet? Now you can live vicariously through this Japanese skincare range. Think unique ingredients sourced from mineral-rich waters from Sapporo and Hokkaido. Cue ultra-nourishing body wash, carbonated masks that oxygenate and hydrate your skin. The brand is touted as the “Japanese luxury skincare brand with the philosophy of marrying naturalness and scientific rigour”. Dealing with maskne or back acne? Look to meeth to resolve your skin concerns.

Best of all, meeth's fuss-free packaging makes it suitable for both males and females. Imagine sharing your favourite skincare with your S.O., without taking up too much shelf space in the bathroom. Curious about the texture of meeth products? Now you can test it for yourself at the brand's very first physical store in Singapore.

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Grand Opening Exclusive Set, S$494

To commemorate the Plaza Singapura store opening, meeth is offering a time-limited, exclusive set. We say grab this set packed with the brand's bestsellers for your Valentine and save 15%. Here's what's in the set:


Morerich Pack is an award-winning carbonated mask that renews and rejuvenates your complexion in 7 days. It uses pear juice ferment filtrate working harmoniously with sodium hyaluronate to soothe skin and replenish the moisture barrier.


Morerich Essential Lotion is fortified with mineral-rich water and plant-derived Pentavitin to invigorate your skin and deliver 72 hours of non-stop hydration. These potent ingredients act as a moisture magnet and penetrate deep into the skin.

& SKIN OIL, 60ml

A mighty skin oil suitable for delicate skin that is packed with nourishing ingredients such as jojoba oil, avocado oil, and squalane. Infused with a relaxing fragrance, this oil can be used on the face, hair, body, and nails for a boost of beautifying nutrients.


Formulated with photoactive enzymes, this is a pioneering way to reward your skin with positive energy after a long day. Delivering powerful antioxidant protection, ideal for mature skins.


Featuring a nourishing cocktail of natural ingredients, such as sea salt, pear juice, red algae, and ceramide, it delightfully tightens and polishes your skin.

Grand Opening Exclusive Set. PHOTO: Lazada
Grand Opening Exclusive Set. PHOTO: Lazada

Twelement Day Cream, S$140

It is a tall order for a day cream to deliver nourishing results as well as be non-greasy at the same time, especially in our hot and humid weather! This cream uses a total of 12 different types of active ingredients are combined harmoniously to unleash your healthy glow and meet a wide array of needs. From lifting, firmness, hydration to whitening and replenishment at all levels, Twelement Day Cream is designed for all types of skin. What do we love most about it? You get to preserve Mother Earth while saving a few dollars by opting for the refill pack when you are on to your second bottle!

Skin Repair Night Cream, 30g, S$148

For those who are battling dry and sensitive skin, it’s time to give your skin some tender loving care. The photoactive enzymes keep your skin soothed and moisturised, helping your skin to reset for the next day. This serum acts as a finishing touch to your bedtime skincare regimen.

Skin Repair Night Cream, 30g. PHOTO: Meeth
Skin Repair Night Cream, 30g. PHOTO: Meeth

Silky Body Scrub, 180g, S$48

Consisting of a skin-loving cocktail of natural ingredients, such as Japan’s No. 1 sea salt from Ako city, pear juice, red algae, and ceramides, this uplifting body scrub delightfully tightens and polishes your skin. Its mood-lifting scent and skin-nourishing beads allow you to come out of your bath feeling smooth all over and relaxed.

Silky Body Scrub. PHOTO: meeth
Silky Body Scrub. PHOTO: meeth

Morerich Smoothcleans, S$65

As the basic foundation to good skin, cleansing is an essential step in any skincare routine. Look to one that does not strip your skin of its natural oils, like the Morerich Smoothcleans. Promising to remove impurities and excess sebum build-up, your skin will feel hydrated all day. Use this to remove sunblock and make-up before washing your face with Lifty Wash.

Lifty Wash, S$65

Are your enlarged pores and rough skin texture causing you anxiety? Try meeth’s Lifty Wash. The combination of plant-derived Pentavitin, on top of “Canadian Colloidal Clay” and “soybean fermented extract” is said to act as a natural detox, lifting away excess dirt and oil from your face. With adequate foaming action, your skin will come away refreshed yet hydrated.

Morerich Essential Lotion, S$115

High quality water is the key to good skincare. Purified deep sea water sourced exclusively from Hokkaido in addition to plant-derived extracts like Pentavitin, form the basis of this hydrating toner. With the help of a small local factory in Chiba, this precious liquid is bottled with care. According to the brand, you can look forward to an even-toned, radiant and poreless-looking complexion with excellent hydration benefits that lock in moisture for up to 72 hours.

Morerich Pack, S$190

Try this 7-day set and see your skin transform. Founder Sonmi is so confident of the meeth product range that she requests anyone interested to give the products a try for seven days. She believes that with just seven days, you will be able to see the improvement in your skin. Perhaps the Morerich Pack is a good choice to kickstart your skincare journey with meeth.

MORERICH carbonated facial mask 7 times, S$247.90

Use this non-invasive carboxytherapy at home for skin rejuvenation. Tiny Co2 molecules are said to saturate into your skin’s deep layers. Using jojoba oil and lactobacillus fermented pear extract care for the healthy balance of the skin, this product is also free from harmful parabens, additives and hazardous chemicals.

Smoothcleans Skincare Set, S$200

PHOTO: Lazada. meeth Smoothcleans skincare set
PHOTO: Lazada. meeth Smoothcleans skincare set

Get the full set and enjoy meeth’s full benefits and address maskne issues and other skin concerns. Enjoy free shipping with any order! There's no better time than now to get started on a fuss-free skincare routine.

Meeth store is now open:

#01-58, the Atrium @ Plaza Singapura

68 Orchard Road, Singapore 238839

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